We’ve Relocated!

You can now visit us at:

1101 South 3rd West – Ste 101

Western Medicine meets Natural Remedies

If you have a health problem, we’re going to suggest natural treatments first. That means herbs, supplements, lifestyle choices. If that doesn’t work or the situation is dire, we will prescribe medications or other therapies.

  • Natural Treatments
  • Herbs
  • Supplements
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Chelation Therapy (coming in 2011)

Our mission is to provide quality holistic health care by partnering with individuals and families, with a focus on the whole person, utilizing wellness support, natural therapies, and medications when appropriate.

People Are Multi-Dimensional

We believe health depends on the balance between the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Every part of you deserves attention. If each one of those parts were the tire on a car, and one went flat, how well would things go on the highway? We must look at the whole person, not just their gall bladder (or whatever).

We Keep It Personal

At River City Family Health, we keep it personal, not impersonal. We believe that optimal health is possible only when the patient partners with the provider to identify problems and develop a plan of care. RCWH is dedicated to excellent communication and honest, respectful relationships with its employees, colleagues and patients.