• River City Whole Health is a friendly, patient-oriented, nurse practitioner-owned health clinic providing care to families in the Missoula area. We specialize in hormonal imbalances, weight loss, and preventing health problems through common sense healthy living.


Deni Llovet FNP – Founder

Deni Llovet FNP, Owner RCWH Deni Llovet is a Family Nurse Practitioner and founder of River City Whole Health. RCWH is the result of her motivation to create a place where alternative medicine and Western medicine work together toward a single goal: health. She has watched the health of her community worsen as their waistlines expand. As a health care provider, she is very aware of the relationship between overweight and a whole constellation of health problems, from hormone imbalances to joint pain. She has spent years studying nutrition and weight loss strategies, homing in on those tactics that actually seem to work. The result of these years of study is the Ten Percent Solution.

She is always studying something related to her work, and enjoys putting her new knowledge to work every day!

Getting To Know Deni: She was raised in Nashville Tennessee, and along with her two sisters, has played music all her life. She writes songs, sings, and plays (guitar and keyboards, learning the button accordion). Her two sisters, Pati and Teri, live in Missoula also, and when all three play together, the result is SisterFix, an alternative Rock / Blues / Country / Folk / Jazz band. Deni rides her bicycle whenever possible to work and anywhere else; she is an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction; she gardens; she loves to cook, and makes a seriously delicious roast chicken. Home is Missoula during the week, the Country on weekends with the chickens, cats, deer and bears.

SOMETHING NOT MANY KNOW ABOUT DENI: She’s crazy about striped socks!

Linsey Wiesemann – RN, BSN – Director, Ten Percent Solution

Leslie Kaldor of RCWHLinsey has been an RN for six years. She has worked primarily in Maternal Health, working in the late Dr. Montgomery’s “The Birth Center” helping to bring many new lives into the world. She is the Director of our popular weight loss program, the Ten Percent Solution, and is part owner of RCWH.

GET TO KNOW LINSEY: She comes from a medical family: her husband is a popular PA in town. She has four children, including two beautiful teenage blondes who look just like her, and two handsome young boys, aged 2 and 4, whom she and her husband adopted from Ethiopia last year. Her faith is very important to her. She loves to cook and garden, but most of all loves to spend time with her family.

SOMETHING NOT MANY KNOW ABOUT LINSEY: Her favorite colors are red and black (at once)!