Ten Percent Solution – Weight Loss

The Ten Percent Solution is a weight loss program offered at RCWH.

So what’s the bid deal about 10%? And why is it a solution?

If you are overweight, and if you lost 10% of your body weight, you would feel 90% better. Crazy, but true. When you lose just 10%, everything changes inside your body. The way your cells use the food you give them, the enzymes, the hormones, it’s all different.

That’s why we are thrilled if someone loses that 10% and keeps it off, and less than thrilled if they get to their “target weight” and gain it all back again.

Weight gain and loss has been studied for years. If there were a magic pill to take those unwanted inches off overnight, we’d all know about it. Instead, we are treated to medications that keep fat inside our gut (where it can cause higher cancer rates) and Frankenstein-like surgeries on our intestinal system guaranteed to make it work worse (thus keeping your from absorbing nutrients and causing weight loss).

In our opinion, the modern world has created the ‘perfect storm’ of conditions that get you fat and keep you that way.

Part of the solution is to learn what those things are. An even bigger part is learning about yourself, what works, and what doesn’t — not just for weight loss, but for your health in general. And finally, we must GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY. (Easier said than done).

Food is so tied to emotions, culture, our hormone levels, what our family likes — or doesn’t. Shockingly, what you choose to eat is the biggest factor in how you’re going to feel today. And how good your health will be tomorrow.

We have been trained by advertising to think that food-like substances are food. We somehow bought the idea that science knows everything that is in food. And that it can be made in a laboratory to be even better. As if anything could improve upon Mother Nature.

We trust the experts (more than our ancestors) about what food is right for us. Bad plan! If Great-Great-Great Granny wouldn’t look at your plate and recognize what’s on it, Don’t Eat It!

Your biggest enemies: Processed Foods, including cereal, canned soups and salad dressing. Fast Foods (but you knew that). Most vegetable oils and all trans fats. Drinks with sugar or fake sugar; anything that’s the wrong color or a fake color. If it comes in a box with a label… skip it! If it says it’s good for you right on the label… we doubt it! A teaspoon of honey or cane sugar is not going to hurt, but a half-cup is guaranteed to make your hormones to go haywire.

Your best friends: Fresh fruits. Fresh vegetables. Game meat or grass fed beef. Organic chicken. Eggs from happy hens. If you do well with dairy: cheese, butter, yogurt, dairy (unprocessed). Herbs and spices. Home cooking. Crock pots.

The Ten Percent Solution Options:

  • Paleo Diet, Diet
  • Meal-Replacement enhanced Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • HCG weight loss program

Whatever you choose to do, we will ready to help you every step of the way. And once you lose that first 10%, you get a perk: 10% off all our supplements, and 10% off the goods and services of our Community Partners!

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